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What's in a name?

Too much and not enough! Confused? Then you're in the right place.

When I first opened this blog, I felt as if I was following a leading from God. I am sure of that, actually. He wants me to write...those instructions were clear. And I learned from watching John Boy that the best writers write about what they know. I named my blog "Sponsor's Last 4" because I am a military spouse. I know about being a military spouse. I should write about being a military spouse. Sounds easy enough....and yet my blog layeth dormant!  

It's not that I haven't had much to say.  Quite the opposite.  I've had too much to say.  I just couldn't make it all fit under the "military spouse" genre.  I don't have the time or energy to maintain multiple blogs, so I would just kind of stuff the "stuff" in the mental filing cabinet until I could find out what I wanted to do with it.  Now, my brain is a literary episode of Sanford & Son. 

Turns out that I'm not really a military spouse after all!  That's just one of my aliases!  :-)  Truth is, just like everyone else, I'm not made up of cookie-cutter stuff.  Lots of ingredients go into this crazy oven of mine...and no one really knows what's going to turn up on the dinner table!  Like later, I'll probably blog about how I was supposed to be using this time to write a 250-word essay audition for a newspaper column and couldn't write a word....but then I come on here and just open up like a geyser!  

I'm a Christian...I'm a wife...I'm a mother...I'm a pet-owner/lover...I'm a military spouse...I'm a woman...I'm an American...I'm a slightly-right-of-center conservative...I watch Fox News...I support Sarah Palin...and my earthly heroines are Erma Bombeck and that little girl on the School House Rock Noun Song!  I like to read...I like to write...and most of all, I like to pass along my unsolicited sarcastic nuggets of life observations, advice, and lessons learned the hard way.  

I must be up front and say that the useless knowledge to life-changing ratio currently stands at about 80/20...but that's a big gain over what it was 15 years ago!   Hey?  Did I tell you that I got my first stand mixer?  ...See?  You didn't really need to know that about me, but aren't you, on some level, glad that you do?  (Say Yes!)

When I think about how to summarize my deep thinking into a short blog title, I give myself a headache.  It's complicated!  I'm complicated!  I mean why take the interstate when you can take Route 66?  Why get a pre-lit tree when it's so much fun to sit around and grumble for hours while you untangle 5 strands of lights and search for the master bulb that makes the whole string dead?  Because it saves time and it makes more sense?  Sense is overrated!  I mean let's look at Washington!  They've gotten rid of sense and looks how well that's working out?  ...um...probably not the best example.

Anyway....Yes, I'm a little complicated, but at the core I have the sure thing in Jesus!  As with everything I do, I aim to glorify the Lord.  I fall short many times...flat on my face other times...but my foot is on solid rock of grace & mercy, which He lavishes on my new every morning, undeserving.  I also try to represent my military spouse comrades well.  I try to be the best mother I can be, by limiting the times I embarrass them in public to just one or two times a week.  I try to participate in my country by voting in accordance to the values and principals this country was founded upon...even at the expense of being "Astroturf Tea Drinking Idiot."  I also try to reach across the isle from time-to-time; for instance, I sent Chris Matthews the name of a good ointment for his leg tingle.  I need to follow-up on that.

So, to make a long story short (Ha! I blew that one already, huh?) ...as I was taking my vitamins this morning, I saw the perfect name for my old new blog on the label.  "B Complex!"  Get it?  B (me...Belinda-Marie  +  complicated...complex!)   No?  Well...sleep on it!  It'll come to you later!  ...and when it does, let me in on it!

Have a beautiful day!

♥ B-Marie




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